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Spirit Fitness.
The history of Spirit Fitness. We built our first device in 1983, with the simple aim of providing our customers with a quality device to achieve their sports goals.

Spirit Fitness.
It is this same simple goal that continues today in the design and development of every piece of equipment that bears the Spirit Fitness name. We ensure that the design of each device meets the same demanding criteria that have forged our reputation.
For the past 30 years, we have always invested in providing our users with an ultimate quality experience, and this will always remain our main goal. We are aware that our products represent a significant investment and we therefore make sure to provide devices that will give you satisfaction in the long term.
And to preserve this quality, all our devices are manufactured at home in our ISO-approved factories.

Our other passion has always been innovation that enhances our customers' sports experience. For example, we were the first to integrate a fan on our devices; a quality fan as well as MP3 speakers, being now standard on almost all our devices.
The main reason for abandoning sports activity cardio is often boredom. However, we know that if we bring more comfort and interactivity; You will train more often, with pleasure and thus reach your goals much faster. This, along with other exclusive features are always built into all our devices to deliver performance and success.
There are many device suppliers cardio; But few, invest so much in the small details, which really make all the difference.

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