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Forge Adour.
Forge Adour heart in Bayonne for more than 35 years. Manu Merin, precursor of the plancha for all and founder of Forge Adour has long been intimately associated with the brand values of excellence and friendliness guarantees. Surrounded by the best specialists, is her son, Emmanuel, who has taken up the torch, thereby continue the family saga.

On the bayonnais site, research and development, design, marketing, distribution, logistics... each service works with the same passion for a job well done, to keep Forge Adour brand reference of the world of the plancha.
The production unit of planchas Forge Adour is located in Spain, in the small village of Villafranca to los Barros, cradle of family Merin. This factory of 9000 m2 entirely dedicated to the passion of the plancha combines the invaluable expertise of the Boilermakers craftsmen to the more modern digital tools. More than 65,000 articles Forge Adour are made each year...

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