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Bag your style. The Venque brand was born in 2011. The name comes from a combination of the french and English, the two official languages of the Canada.
Venque was founded by two brothers, Viktor and Simon, who grew up in Toronto in the Canada. They are both creative and have a strong interest in the fields of fashion and design. After years working in the universe of the textile industry and in different houses, they decided to start their own label to achieve their dreams of child.
They are inspired by the Anglo-French heritage, of the landscapes as well as train - the Canada life to create a brand that is synonymous of beauty, quality and accessibility.

The brand consists of backpacks, towels and travel bags. Each product is hand-drawn directly in their studio in Toronto and is developed giving a great importance to the design, the quality and finishes. With multiple pockets, they have been designed to meet the needs and the Organization of everyday life. All products are manufactured in real leather and fabric Quanta making them resistant to water, dust and scratches, allowing them to have a long life.

The Quanta was introduced by Venque in 2012, a true innovation in the industry. This fabric is 3 times stronger than a basic canvas and has a longer life 5 times. In addition, Venque uses of real leather, including the details of the products.

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